Cooking Aficionado

Cooking Aficionado 3.1

Manage your personal recipe collection

Cooking Aficionado is an easy to use recipe management program. It is intended for the home user who wants to enhance their recipe collection by replacing the scraps of paper, computer printouts, and magazine cutouts of their favorite recipes with an easy to use digital cookbook.

Cooking Aficionado allows for recipe storage and essential features such as editing and searching your recipes and extended functionalities such as printing, emailing and adding pictures to your recipes. You also have optional color schemes available, along with support for the English and Spanish languages.

Use Cooking Aficionado to organize your recipes into categories and store the following information with each recipe: ingredients, preparation details, special notes, preparation time, cook time, and yield

Cooking Aficionado


Cooking Aficionado 3.1

User reviews about Cooking Aficionado

  • frustrated customer

    by frustrated customer

    "Advertising is deceptive and offer is "free" but for only 30 "uses.""

    A bit deceptive advertising. Is advertised as "free," yet one is limited to only 30 uses unless softwa... More.

    reviewed on December 17, 2012

  • MareWinds

    by MareWinds

    "Every Recipe in Just One Book"

    Exceptional organization options, especially for a free version, we love the "pop-out" effect for phot... More.

    reviewed on September 28, 2011

  • "Handiest Recipe Organizer"

    Set-up's a snap with this easy-to-use software from Lime Peak, and adding recipes is a breeze -- just copy/paste from al... More.

    reviewed on September 25, 2011